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Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam

Text on Wall
outside door Jill Magid | Libration Point
inside door a point between two massive bodies where the gravitational forces between them are essentially in balance.

  Auto Portrait Pending

Gold ring with empty setting shown in a vitrine; Agreement with Lifegem, artist's Preamble to Lifegem Agreement, the Beneficiary Contract displayed in the showcase.



Forensic reconstruction, forensic report, Medical Agreement (not visible here).




21 Composites on paper and slide projection with 2 second increments, letter to witnesses, letter to forensic artists.


A2 Poster production still by the door of cinema space featuring Camera One Wester Park.

  Camera One Wester Park

11 min. DVD, projected in cinema space.

  Camera One,
The Crime Scene Report

Official Crime Scene Report and evidence collected by Mark J. Vermaat, Leiden Police Department. The film scene is explored as a crime scene. Dutch with an English Translation. 28 pages.

  Gambier Night

DVD with film score 'Astrale' by Giovanni Fusco. 4.11 min.